HemCheck Haemolysis Checker

  1. What is it?

The Helge by HemCheck is a portable device able to detect if a blood sample is haemolysed at the bedside to improve the efficiency of blood collection. This is a patented and CE marked product.

2. Why is it important?

Haemolysed blood samples can be due to the rupture of red blood cells either internal or external to the body. This accounts for the most common reason for a lack of results from a blood test by the lab. The only alternative is to revisit the patient for a new sample.

Currently, there are no NICE guidelines for haemolysis testing which means there is no Gold standard to compare the Helge with. In addition, blood tests are relatively low- cost in relation to the financial input required for the device to be implemented within the NHS. However, if Helge is able to significantly improve time for results, the number of repeat bloods and the overall cost of care, it may be especially useful on the emergency and intensive care wards.

3. How does it work?

  • Helge is compliant with vacuum sealed test tubes and syringes for blood gases
  • Insert the syringe or vacuum tube with patient’s blood sample into the reader
  • Press the button to start the analysis
  • Helge will use a small sample of the blood to run its tests
  • The reader runs a photometric analysis on the free haemoglobin in plasma or serum within the blood sample
  • A result is given within seconds as a simple green/ red light
  • If the green light shows, the sample is not haemolysed and you can send it to the lab
  • If the red light shows, the sample is haemolysed and you can take another sample whilst you are still with the patient


All images in this article are by HemCheck.

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