Proximity Care for Dementia

1.What is it?

The proximity button is a simple, wearable device which alerts the carer of a wandering dementia patient once they are beyond 20 metres away. Caring for a loved one with dementia can be difficult, the proximity button allows for them to be more independent and enjoy their space and time with more freedom. 

2. Why is it important?

There are over 850, 000 patients diagnosed with dementia in the UK, and data suggests this is to hit 1 million within the next 5 years. As we are an ageing population, the implications of dementia require us to better prepare for the care of our patients who’s daily lives are significantly affected by the condition. 

Especially as there is currently no cure for dementia, Proximity Care is a service which aims to reduce the constant pressures of a loved one being in danger of a fall or getting lost whether it is within the home or in public. Over 60% of people with dementia will wander during some stage of the condition which leads to further hazards. Proximity Care has honed into this aspect in particular to respectfully reduce the downstream effects of wandering.

Proximity Care allows one to maintain the integrity of dementia patients with a discrete button that can be worn on a shirt or top without being invasive. Therefore, this can be used throughout the day when out in crowded places such as a supermarket, as well as throughout the night to enable more practical sleeping arrangements. 

3. How does it work?

  • A small badge is provided which can be easily clipped on to a piece of clothing worn by someone who suffers from dementia 
  • The carer can have this connected to the Proximity app 
  • This is an alert system not a tracking device so the carer will be notified of how far the person wearing the Proximity button is, not a geographical location
  • The range for the alert is a radius of approximately 20 metres
  • The application can be used both inside and outside the home
  • The Proximity app can handle several buttons at once which has been useful in 17 care homes throughout Denmark 
  • This is an affordable piece of equipment at £34.99 so families can easily access the comfort of extra help
  • Please follow the link to shop here


All images in this article except the leading graphic belongs to Proximity Care

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