1.What is it?

PATCH strips are an environmentally friendly, 100% organic natural bamboo bandages infused with activated aloe vera, charcoal and coconut oil extracts. Using natural, biodegradable and sustainable resources, PATCH strips provides a solution to soothe symptoms and promote wound recovery for sensitive skin. As a market which has been criticised for not catering to different skin tones, PATCH strips also offer a range of colours to help the user feel more comfortable in their own skin. 

Classification: Class 1 sterile medical device

2. Why is it important?

There are many chemicals within standard plasters which many have adverse reactions towards and the figures for this seem to be on the rise.

In terms of the climate change issue bamboo is a renewable resource which grows faster than other trees, produces up to 35% more oxygen, requires less water and also does not require pesticides or herbicides to cultivate. 

PATCH strips use a Lyocell production process which utilises non-toxic compounds and is approved by the Fair Trade Commissions (FTC). It is said to be the most environmentally friendly way of manufacturing bamboo cloth fibre and more sustainable in comparison to other chemical processing methods. Approximately 99.5% of the compounds are captured within a closed loop container, minimising the amounts released into the atmosphere during recycling to avoid further air and water pollution which is currently a major issue. 

3. How does it work?

  • PATCH strips are applied in the same way as the conventional plaster; clean and dry the wound before applying the strip in direct contact with the wound. 
  • Change daily or as required for effective wound recovery 
  • The components of the plaster which aid recovery includes bamboo fibre which contains flavones, glycosides, phenolic acids and amino acids which soothe the skin and have antioxidant properties
  • Bamboo is also breathable which further aids recovery 
  • Coconut oil is another factor which has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to help reduce inflammation and hydrate the skin to promote regeneration of new skin cells
  • Aloe vera used in PATCH strips increases cellular movement for a speedier recovery as well as pain relief during inflammation 
  • Activated charcoal is another compound used which neutralises many pathogens to prohibit direct and indirect infections by removing poisons and toxins from the skin which aids the skin regeneration process
  • Overall this a product suitable for all ages but was produced initially with children in mind and PATCH specifically cater to younger children within their range of products

For UK users, they are currently available on amazon for purchase and delivery within ten working days, depending on where you are based. 

Visit the amazon link here:


All images in this article except the leading graphic belongs to PATCH strips

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