Propeller Smart Inhaler

1.What is it?

Propeller is a digital medical attachment for your asthma/ COPD inhaler. This tracks flare-ups, dosing schedules and changes in health in real time which can be viewed on the Propeller Health App.

2. Why is it important?

More than 6 million people in the UK suffer from Asthma or COPD. We see over 700, 000 admissions and 6 million inpatient bed days per year, costing the NHS £11 billion each year.

A primary cause of exacerbation is incorrect inhaler technique which can be better targeted if the app can help physicians assess the data from the app and eliminate other causes. This could help us reduce financial costs and save lives by simply understanding the patient better.

Adherence is also a major issue Propeller may help increase, with US statistics showing 46.6% patients with improved disease control and adherence in comparison to the average 22.1%. Over 15 clinical studies were done with over 2, 800 patients from across a variety of patient populations, settings and geographies.

3. How does it work?

  • sign up online
  • attach Propeller to your inhaler and use as usual
  • download the Propeller Health app for free
  • Propeller tracks how often you use your inhaler and chimes when it is dosing time
  • Flare-ups and triggers are managed through data tracking on the app which patients can use to update treatment plans with their physician
  • sensor batteries last up to 12 months but Propeller can replace them for free if they stop working within a year of purchase

The device, mobile app and shipping is funded by sponsorships, community organisations, research groups and medical manufacturers. Please note: costs unclear with regards to the UK but we have contacted Propeller Health as this is a US based company and we will update this once we receive a response.


Except from the leading MedX graphic, all images in this article belong to Propeller Health

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