Phyzio – Personalised Pain Relief

1.What is it?

A portable device offering instant pain relief using neurostimulation and an app based program to track your progress and prevent future pain in the long term.

Phyzio can be used at any time, any place and will be available for shipping from July 2019.

2. Why is it important?

Acknowledging our society’s current incline in sedentary lifestyles, we are facing a decline in physical activity and increasing obesity. Studies with over 140, 000 subjects have recently shown that almost half of our population, 43%, here in the UK may be suffering with chronic pain.

As we are facing an inevitable ageing population, this issue of pain is likely to increase with time and our current pain management plans include a lot of self management and pharmacological treatment with NSAIDs and opioids which have been controversial due to their withdrawal symptoms and dependence issues.

For these reasons, neurostimulation may offer us a new alternative to treating pain in our population which is a non- pharmacological method of pain relief stating no current side effects which studies have recommended neuromodulation as an alternative treatment for pharmacoresistant chronic pain lasting more than 6 months.

3. How does it work?

  • The Phyzio device aims to reduce muscle tension with neurostimulation
  • One of the results include increased endorphin release which is a feel good hormone naturally produced by our central nervous system
  • The main focus points the device targets are the: back, legs, arms and other chronic conditions
  • The collaborative app also has a personalised training program to help strengthen the muscle group in pain and prevent pain in the future
  • The Pain Prevention Training program uses a neural network system to create daily tasks for the patient to complete based on personal progress
  • Please note the device should not be used by pregnant women, patients with a pacemaker or other implanted medical device
  • A 30 minute break is recommended between Phyzio relief therapy
  • See below for more on how to use the device:


All Images belong to Phyzio except featuring graphic by MedX

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  • 3.

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