Siren Diabetic Socks

1.What is it?

Siren Diabetic smart socks with microsensors aim to help notify diabetic patients of ulcer risks. Neurofabric is used to create these socks which record temperature of the feet which can be tracked on an app for a personalised support system; available on IOS and Android.

2. Why is it important?

Diabetic neuropathy is a major factor in affecting quality of life as a result of elevated blood glucose levels over a long period of time.

Temperature monitoring is shown to be 87% more effective than visual checks to detect inflammation and prevent diabetic foot ulcers. Although manual temperature readings by a patient or healthcare worker may be both impractical and inconsistent as a method. Here, the sock provides temperature readings from 6 key points.

Managing a treatment plan with a well organised data set of readings can help us to better guide the patient and notice trends earlier from information on the patient’s wellbeing from their everyday life outside of clinic.

Overall, this technology could help us reduce both diabetic foot ulcers and complications leading to amputation, hence maintaining a better quality of life and reducing the cost of treatment, rehabilitation and psychological wellbeing of diabetic patients.

3. How does it work?

  1. Place an order – this includes 5 pairs of socks which are machine washable and dryable (available in 4 colours)
  2. Siren will provide you with a follow up order of 5 pairs of socks, every 6 months to ensure adequate fitting and prevention of holes through wear and tear affecting the patient
  3. Wear the socks everyday to improve the accuracy of the data
  4. Receive notifications on signs of inflammation to the app/ text message. If the patient does not have a smart phone, they can create a login to receive alerts via email or use the online web portal for alerts
  5. Arrange to see the patient should there be signs of inflammation or injury

The socks also do not require charging so can be used flexibly throughout the day.


All images belong to Siren except the featured image by MedX – Jannat Alam

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