EVA COLPO for Women’s Health

1.What is it?

A wireless, portable and internet connected video colposcope currently being used in over 29 countries to better target women’s health and allow patients to have a more personal approach to their screenings.

The AI AVE algorithm is undergoing a pilot study for a critical analysis of how well the device can determine cervical cancer from a single image. The study is being conducted across India’s Apollo Hospital centres.

This is an FDA approved device by Mobile ODT.

2. Why is it important?

To enable women to have a more comfortable and less intrusive experience as the EVA COLPO is a smaller instrument and hence easier to manoeuvre with the added benefit of better image quality.

As the colposcope is connected to a handheld screen, the patient is able to instantly see their imaging and better visualise the anatomy for further testing, biopsy sites and feel better connected to their health plan as the doctor speaks them through their care.

Currently, all local authorities in England are below target for cervical screening and this device is leading us towards self screening and sampling to enable women more comfort in coming forward with sexual health issues, especially with more sensitive sexual harassment cases which Mobile ODT also work on with EVA SANE.

3. How does it work?

  • Use the colposcope camera to take images of the patient’s cervix, vagina or vulva as required to screen for any pathology
  • The 13 MP camera features a 16x zoom feature on an Android operating system
  • You can then opt to save the images/ videos under a patient file on the handheld device which can then be accessed on the EVA portal from a desktop computer
  • Add filters and annotate footage for biopsy sites or pathology from sexual assault cases for future reference
  • Revisit the material on a follow up appointment to legal procedures and even teaching opportunities

In terms of data protection, the EVA system uses enhanced privacy and security algorithms with ISO 13485 certified HIPAA compliant software to ensure only authorised personnel are able to access the patient files.

The software allows for users to communicate internationally to integrate clinical support and offer patients specialist support with targeted expert opinions at your fingertips.






All images in this article belong to Mobile ODT

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