Andiamo Children’s Orthotics

1.What is it?

A personalised 3D printed lower limb orthotics service delivered within 2 weeks from the fitting consultation.

Andiamo are based in London currently catering for UK and some European patients.

2. Why is it important?

The traditional method of using a plaster cast to model a prosthetic is highly time consuming and leaves the patient homebound or in a wheelchair whilst waiting for up to 6 months. By the time the prosthetic arrives, many children have experienced significant growth making it difficult to use the prosthetic.

Andiamo has utilised 3D body scanning and printing to cut down the intermittent waiting time and deliver the ortheses to children within 2 weeks. They can also visit the home of the patients with the 3D scanner to take measurements directly to speed up the process further if required.

Andiamo has entered the market as the demand is growing 6% each year with only 450 registered orthoticians in the UK.

3. How does it work?

  1. 3D scan the patient for accurate measurements of the limb(s) requiring a orthosis
  2. Data used to make necessary iterations for optimal results
  3. 3D printer used to produce the orthosis
  4. Appointment to fit the new orthoses


All images within this article belongs to Andiamo


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