FibriCheck App for Cardiac Arrhythmias

1.What is it?

FibriCheck, a Belgian firm, recently became the first-FDA approved mobile
app for heart rhythm disorders by using only an optical signal originating
from a non-medical device, such as a regular smartphone.

The main purpose of FibriCheck is to detect irregular heart rhythms such
as atrial fibrillation to prevent incidences of stroke. By utilising this
innovative technology, the users are able to detect atrial fibrillation and
correct therapy can be provided at a timely manner.

CE 1639

2. Why is it important?

Fibricheck allows for primary and secondary prevention by following-up on
patients with high risk for AF development, whereby detection of AF will
result in therapeutic intervention.

By monitoring the heart rhythm of patients post intervention in a home
environment, healthcare professionals can start therapeutic interventions
to prevent complications.

Screenshot 2018-12-19 at 02.16.06

3. How does it work?

FibriCheck utilizes a technique based on photoplethysmography (PPG). This
software-only solution requires the user to:

  1. place the finger on the camera
    of the smartphone
  2. The camera will then measure the light reflection
    caused by the blood passing through in the fingertip
  3. This translates into a
    pulse signal
  4. Symptoms experienced at the time can also be recorded 
  5. The data is sent to an online platform where artificial intelligence ensures an accurate diagnosis of the heart rhythm

This information can also be accessed and assessed by the users healthcare professionals in the form of a report. 

Screenshot 2018-12-19 at 02.16.36

Screenshot 2018-12-19 at 02.19.56



Lars Grieten. CEO.
• Jo Van der Auwera. Co-Founder & Chief Quality Officer.
• Bieke Van Gorp. COO.
• Bie Gorp. Co-Founder & CFO.
• Kobe Leysen. CTO.

All images from this article belongs to FibriCheck

Guest Author 

Tristan Lewis (Medical Student)

Instagram: @Dr.MedTech 

Twitter: @medtech_dr

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