Intelligent Medical Oxygen Delivery IMOD

1.What is it?

The only current responsive oxygen therapy device with precise, intelligent flow control using the new Binary Actuation Technology (BAT).

2. Why is it important?

31% patients do not remain within intended range of saturation when on emergency oxygen.¹ This leads do 2,000 – 4, 000 unnecessary deaths in the UK from inadequate oxygenation. ²

This device has capacity to be used in a high range of respiratory and non- respiratory cases:

  • anaemia 
  • lung cancer
  • anaphylaxis 
  • post surgery
  • emergency medicine

IMOD can reduce consumption of oxygen by 66% with it’s breath synchronised mode which only delivers oxygen on inhalation which could reduce annual hospital spending by £200, 000 per annum. ³

3. How does it work?

IMOD automatically monitors and adjusts flow control to provide immediate therapy even at minimal inhalation. 

  1. tracks patient’s breathing pattern 
  2. deliver oxygen continuously or only on inhalation (choose mode)
  3. oxygen delivered from piped supply or bottles (versatile) – up to 15l/ min
  4. additional features include measurements of Sp02 and vitals 

IMOD is compact and portable but does require charging which is stated to run for over 24 hours on a single charge. 

Oxygen delivery is compatible with:

  • non- rebreather face mask 
  • Venturi face mask 
  • standard face mask 
  • nasal cannula 


Camcon Medical 

1. British Thoracic Society Emergency Oxygen Audit Report National Audit Period. Ronan O’Driscoll. 15 August – 1 November 2015 

2. Data on file  – IMOS: Expert medical Reactions. Received September 2017. 

3. IMOS Device: Clinical Insight and Technical Validation Report. Cambridge University Hospitals NHS. June 2014.

All images from this article belong to Camcon Medical

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