ReCor – Renal denervation hypertension treatment

1.What is it?

Ultrasound waves delivering heat to reduce overactive renal sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activity. The radiation is released from a small catheter based device which is removed following a minimally invasive endovascular treatment procedure. 

2. Why is it important?

Hypertension is the single biggest risk factor for coronary heart disease, vascular disease and strokes and statistics show over 1 billion people diagnosed, with an expected rise of 1.5 billion in the coming years. 

Renal denervation is shown to reduce blood pressure in hypertensive patients as reducing renal SNS activity allows better excretion of salt and water.¹

3. How does it work?²

  1. Groin incision 
  2. Catheter insertion through femoral artery to renal artery
  3. Ultrasound waves through tissue radiate as heat to reduce SNS activity 
  4. Remove device

Each stimulation = 7 second heat treatment

Procedure= 2- 4 stimulations (14 – 21 seconds radiation exposure)

The device consists of a circulating water system to cool arteries to prevent vascular damage. 

4. The future

As FDA approval has been granted this device is currently in clinical trials

  • Radiance II
  • SOLO 

The flexibility of denervation can prove useful in treating4:

  • heart failure
  • kidney disease
  • metabolic disorders

5. Who is involved? 

ReCor Medical 

The Paradise System 


Otsuka Holdings 


  1. Azizi M, Schmieder R, Mahfoud F, Weber M, Daemen J, Davies J et al. Endovascular ultrasound renal denervation to treat hypertension (RADIANCE-HTN SOLO): a multicentre, international, single-blind, randomised, sham-controlled trial. The Lancet. 2018;391(10137):2335-2345.
  2. Persu A, Gordin D, Jacobs L, Thijs L, Bots M, Spiering W et al. Blood pressure response to renal denervation is correlated with baseline blood pressure variability. Journal of Hypertension. 2018;36(2):221-229.
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