TruDiagnosis for World Tuberculosis day 2018

Tuberculosis still remains in the top 10 causes of death, worldwide.



  • TB is a bacterial infection which requires antibiotic treatment
  • Cultures to identify the bacterium can take a long time- days
  • Pushing us to treat with broad spectrum antibiotics
  • Increasing risk of further antibiotic resistance

Solution: TruDiagnosis

1.What is it?

  • Small portable device
  • results within a few hours
  • able to identify Rifampin susceptible and resistant strains of M. tuberculosis
Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 15.49.51

2. Why is it important?

As numbers have been rising again with almost 25% related to patients with HIV, WHO is encouraging us to increase awareness to a “TB free world.”

This device not only allows for faster diagnosis but the more selective treatment it leads to also tackles the antibiotic resistance pandemic.

That’s 2 birds with the same stone, reserving time, energy and financial costs. 

3. How does it work?

This is a bench test which can detect multiple disease markers with a single sample.

Using Gel Element Microarrays with samples has important chemistry for more accurate results as the polymer is less volatile due to increased cross-link formation.

In short, compared to monomers used previously, this improves the kinetics and signal intensities in results – click here for more information.


  1. DNA extracted from sample
  2. PCR
  3. Array hybridisation
  4. Wash
  5. Imaging data and analysis


Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 15.11.47.png
left: results show rifampin may be used effectively to treat the strain of TB, right: results show a mutation in the TB strain which is resistant to rifampin, therefore cannot be used for effective treatment.


USP: This polymer medium the sample is tested upon is a cheaper alternative to glass slides used previously drastically lowering costs of testing as well as resources.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 16.29.13.png
Reel of testing plates illustrating the reality of Lab-on-a-Film approach we are headed towards.

4. Future

This technology is already being used to test for hundreds of other disease markers with a single sample including:

  • MRSA
  • HSV-1
  • HSV-2
  • Genotyping for warfarin sensitivity

Liquid biopsy testing in oncology is the next step as Akonnibiosystems partner up with Righton; a Chinese diagnostics company.

5. Who’s involved?

AkonniBiosystems– a Molecular Diagnostics company with a vision to create accessible, low cost, products to enable rapid drug development, early diagnosis and increase treatment options.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 16.53.26

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