aerSleep- breathe easy, dream easy

A device the size of a £2 coin could help millions of people all over the world suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea dream better!

Find out how this tiny contraption can help improve airflow while you sleep…

The lungs are the primary organs where our red blood cells are oxygenated

1.What is it?

A small disc which records data on air supply embedded in a vacuum collar which adjusts accordingly to allow better airflow. Together the device is:

  • compact- portable which allows freedom to travel
  • battery powered- wireless for safety and practical advantages
  • silent- allowing the patient to sleep better; the aim of the game!

Unlike existing therapies, these aspects increase adherence and comfort for the patient to sleep better and address the symptoms of being sleep deprived.

2. Why is it important?

WHO stated that over 100, 000 million people worldwide suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea. This is where the airways are compromised and oxygen intake decreases which can be fatal in severe cases. 

The technology at the moment includes an oxygen tank and face covering masks with multiple wires which create potential hazard risks we aim to reduce wherever possible.

Oxygen tanks are also quite loud and can vibrate which can distract the patient from sleeping, defeating the purpose of treatment!

3. How does it work?

The vacuum collar responds to the data from the integrated disc to create a negative external pressure over the soft tissue in the neck. This creates a clearer airway for a better breathing experience for the patient as seen below:

The mechanism behind the disc is complex and ingenious to say the least but here are some of the main USPs:

  • speed of response is in milliseconds
  • high frequency vibrations allow low displacement to allow for silent monitoring
  • <5g in weight allows for discrete compatibility with the vacuum collar
  • precision of flow and pressure control for high accuracy

The technology here can be used for both clinical and therapeutic uses:

  • the physician can use this for real-time evaluation of the patient in clinic
  • the therapeutic vacuum collar can be adjusted according to the data accurately

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 17.13.41

4. The future

The TTP Ventus disc has potential to be used to treat vascular and lymphatic pathology such as DVT by incorporating it in adjustable bandages the patient can use on the go, as seen below:

Technology like this allow patients to have more autonomy which can increase their quality of life by allowing more opportunities to carry on with daily activities whilst being treated.

It’s pieces of work like this that bring communities together to understand the importance of communication. Here we see how one small piece of technology can help solve big problems in multiple fields, it is an honour to see collaborations like this offering treatment with potentially easier access to people all over the world.

5. Who is involved?

TTP Ventus share more about their disc micro pump technology here

Sommetrics Inc share more about their aerSleep technology here

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